Carriere Distalizer Treatment Steps For Patients With Braces

Heading into your Carriere Distalizer treatment, the team at Cooney & Tyner orthodontics wants you to know the most important steps. Our board certified orthodontists have prepared a short guide of four Carriere Distalizer treatment steps for patients with braces.

Step 1: 3D digital imaging of your teeth.

Orthodontic Treatment Step: 3D Imagining

Step 2: Placement of Carriere Distalizer appliances on the upper arch with a retainer on the lower arch. To begin correcting bite issues, elastics are generally worn for 6-9 months depending on compliance.

Placement of Carriere Distalizer appliances

Step 3: Removal of Carriere Distalizer appliances and placement of top braces. The bottom braces are generally placed a few months after the top. Many times rubber bands will be necessary to settle the bite into a correct and healthy position. You will then be seen every few months for braces adjustments until the desired tooth and bite position is acquired.

Step 4: Removal of all brackets and placement of upper and lower clear plastic retainers. Retainers will be worn full time for a few days, then 12hrs a day for a year, then night time for a lifetime to stabilize and maintain your hard work.

Orthodontic Treatment Step: Placement of Clear Retainers

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