Class 3 Carriere Invisalign Treatment Steps

If you are an orthodontic patient requiring the Class 3 Carriere Appliance for your Invisalign treatment, learn what our board certified orthodontists have planned for you. Here are the four Class 3 Carriere treatment steps:

Step 1: 3D digital imaging of your teeth.

Orthodontic Treatment Step: 3D Imagining

Step 2: Placement of Carriere Distalizer appliances on the lower arch with Invisalign Aligners and attachments on the upper arch. To begin correcting bite issues, elastics are generally worn for 6-9 months depending on compliance.

Placement of Carriere Distalizer appliances

Step 3: Removal of Carriere Distalizer appliances and placement of lower Invisalign Aligners and attachments. Begin rotating aligners to facilitate movements for the duration of treatment. You will have updated scans and multiple batches of aligners throughout treatment to progress movement as needed.

placement of lower Invisalign Aligners and attachments

Step 4: Removal of all attachments and placement of upper and lower clear plastic retainers. Retainers will be worn full time for a few weeks, then 12hrs a day for a year, then night time for a lifetime to stabilize and maintain your hard work.

Orthodontic Treatment Step: Placement of Clear Retainers

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Where in the World Are Our Doctors?! – Summer Contest

Cooney & Tyner Orthodontics is thrilled to bring back our “Where in the World” Summer Contest!

Entry is simple; grab a Dr. Cooney, and/or Dr. Tyner, head on a stick at the front desk at either of our locations in Ballston Lake or Troy. Next, take a creative photo with Dr. Cooney or Dr. Tyner while you’re having fun this summer.

Your submission enters you to win a $100 Visa Gift Card! Two winners will be chosen. The doctor that goes on the most vacations also gets to pick a charity for the losing doctor to donate to, who do you think will win?

Submit your photos by email to

You may also submit your photos by tagging @cooneyortho on your Instagram story or @CooneyOrthodontics on Facebook. You can also add a head sticker gif on your story as well by searching “Cooney” on Instagram.

See some of the past “Where in the World” submissions here. This video has examples featuring Dr. Cooney, before Dr. Tyner was a part of the practice, but it still features inspiration for your submissions, so check it out!

The contest is open until September 6th. Make sure to grab your Dr. Cooney and Dr. Tyner heads during your next visit or just stop by either Cooney & Tyner Orthodontics locations during normal business hours! If you can’t make it to the office, you can download the pdf below.