Space Maintainer Invisalign Treatment Steps


An orthodontist has closely examined your case and has confirmed you are a candidate for orthodontic treatment to improve your overall dental health.

Step 1: 3D digital imaging of your teeth.

Step 2: Placement of Separators (Spacers) in between the back teeth approximately one week prior to placing the appliances to maintain space for them to fit comfortably.

Step 3: Removal of Separators and placement of the Space Maintainers (Upper: Nance, Lower: Lingual Arch). This is a time where we will see you back for periodic checks to evaluate the eruption of the teeth. This time frame is dependent on each patient’s biology and how fast or slow the teeth are growing in.

Step 4: The 3D Digital Imaging is updated.

Step 5: The Space Maintainers are removed. Placement of the tooth colored bumps (attachments) on the teeth and delivery of upper and lower Invisalign aligners. Begin rotating aligners to facilitate movements for the duration of treatment. You will have updated scans and multiple batches of aligners throughout treatment to progress movement as needed.

Step 6: Removal of all attachments and placement of upper and lower clear plastic retainers. Retainers will be worn full time for a few weeks, then 12hrs a day for a year, then night time for a lifetime to stabilize and maintain your hard work.