Dr. Tyner is a Board Certified Orthodontic Specialist!

We want to share some great news! Dr. Tyner has passed his comprehensive board exam administered by the American Board of Orthodontics meaning he is officially a Board Certified Orthodontic Specialist!

This is truly a huge accomplishment because less than 6% of dentists are orthodontic specialists and only 10% of these orthodontic specialists are board certified by the ABO! It is also very rare for an orthodontist to complete their board certification this early in their career!

We are very fortunate to have him as a part of our team and as he continues to set our practice standard of providing top notch care through quality education and experience.

We have a unique practice, a talented team, and now operating under TWO Board Certified Orthodontists who also happen to be the only Diamond Plus Invisalign Providers in the Capital Region!

Join us in congratulating Dr. Tyner for his hard work!

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Spring into a great smile!

May 2021 Newsletter

Dr. Tyner and Dr. Cooney are using the Force to straighten smiles in the Capital Region!⁠

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HVCC Lecture!

On April 12th, Dr. Cooney, Dr. Tyner, and Shelby had the pleasure of conducting our yearly orthodontic lecture to the Dental Hygiene students at HVCC.
Did you know that we love to teach and keep up on the latest in education?!

🦷Dr. Cooney is an attending orthodontist at the New York Presbyterian Hospital and Assistant Professor of Surgery at Cornell Medical College, both in New York City. He has lectured on topics relating to orthodontics and correction of facial deformities to diverse groups throughout the country. He has also published numerous articles in a variety of professional journals and newsletters.

🦷Dr. Tyner has taken on extensive training in clear aligner therapy, adult orthodontic treatment, and orthodontics in combination with orthognathic surgery. During residency, Dr. Tyner also conducted research analyzing the accuracy and effectiveness of digital scanning and digital model analysis. He enjoys lecturing on these topics in our local area.

🦷Shelby has her Masters Degree in Dental Hygiene Public Health and Education. She has lectured Continuing Education courses for dental professionals in the local area as well as clinical, didactic, and orthodontic instruction to the students at HVCC.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

We hope you all are able to enjoy your Mother’s Day weekend with your families!


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Team News

Celebrating 6 Years!

Jen recently celebrated 6 years at Cooney Orthodontics on April 27th! Congratulations! 

Celebrating 3 years!

Katie is celebrating 3 years at Cooney Orthodontics on May 21st! Congratulations! 

Celebrating 2 years!

Katie is celebrating 2 years at Cooney Orthodontics on May 24th! Congratulations!