Invisalign Treatment – First Steps

To help answer some of the questions you may have if you are considering Invisalign, our board certified orthodontists have put together a list of first steps for your upcoming Invisalign treatment.

Step 1: 3D digital imaging of the teeth.

Orthodontic Treatment Step: 3D Imagining

Step 2: Placement of the tooth colored bumps (attachments) on the teeth and delivery of upper and lower Invisalign aligners. Begin rotating aligners to facilitate movements for the duration of treatment. You will have updated scans and multiple batches of aligners throughout treatment to progress movement as needed.

placement of lower Invisalign Aligners and attachments

Step 3: Removal of all attachments and placement of upper and lower clear plastic retainers.

Orthodontic Treatment Step: Placement of Clear Retainers

Step 4: The patient is then placed on our tracking program where we will evaluate every few months the progress of tooth eruption. Once all the permanent teeth have erupted, the patient will be evaluated for their second phase of treatment.

Patient Placement on Tracking Program

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